Peaceful Warrior: 

Inspired by old-time Pendleton blankets-

Fleece leg warmers with earth, tan, brown, black, & bands of red.

The arrow motifs signify movement, power, & life force.

Coconut Buttons

Burgundy quilted cotton lining for extra style and comfort


Turquoise Blanket

A brilliantly colored traditional design, inspired by imagery that is universal among Native American cultures. Turquoise-blue with orange, white, & black accents 

Bone Buttons

Sage colored Cotton Quilted Lining for extra comfort and style. 


Cody Copper:

colors of earth & sky,

Inspired by the old Chief blanket motifs- 

diamonds, triangles, and arrows.

The arrows are symbols of movement, lifeforce, and power.

Copper-brown with accents of blue, black, & beige   

Bone buttons 

Sage cotton quilted lining 


Black Canyon 

A traditonal geometric pattern of stripes, crosses, triangles, & diamond motifs

Inspired by old Navajo Chief blankets.

The Crosses symbolize the four directions & completeness.

Arrows symbolize movement, power, & lifeforce.  

Black with red & blue designs. 

Coconut Buttons

Burgundy cotton quilted lining  




Southwest Fleece Leg Warmer Collection

  • All of the Southwestern Fleece SallyGators Leg Warmes match with the Southwestern Fleece Kangaroo scarves to create a complete Fall or Winter ensemble! 

    Fleece Fabric

    100% Polyester

    Quilted Cotton Lining

    Fabric Imported

    Made in the USA

    Hand Wash Cool Water

    Hang or Block Dry

    Do not Bleach


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Made In the American Southwest 

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